18 May

Welcome to The Constitutional Pheasant. You are obviously lost.

My name is Joe, I will be the captain and commander of your blogger experience as long as you remain here . I will be assisted by my trusty assistant, Derrick. I think he is an unpaid intern or something.

I do very much realize that our reader-base is very much imaginary. For this reason, both Derrick and I will take it at our own liberty to use bad grammar frequently and make up 6% of the words that will appear on this glob. You are here on your own volition, don’t blame us.

(Please don’t leave).

Contentually, this blog will feature a gallimaufry of different uninteresting posts and, um, items. Both intern Derrick and I have a broad assortment of interests and opinions. Common content: youtube clips, soapbox time, and youtube clips. What will you get from The Constitutional Pheasant that you can’t get at another blog? We’ll count that one as rhetorical.

If you don’t understand the Constitutional Pheasant reference, then you probably shouldn’t be reading this blog.

In commemoration of this commemorable day, we give you our namesake and the symbolic forefather of all things great and sacred: Monty Pyhon and the Holy Grail’s Constitutional Peasants. Cheers!


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