Bob Loblolly and John Galt

26 May

Whew, things have finally calmed down after the landmark event that marked the end of four long years of cohabitation with my co-writer, Joe, at a liberal arts college in the heart of Central Virginia. I suppose the part I miss most is Famous Anthony’s home fries with onions and bottomless cups of coffee.

Contrary to what you have been told, I am neither trusty nor an unpaid intern. While I have been trusted by many in the past, you have no reason to believe that I am any trustier than that blue-haired, Bible-toting, flower-print befrocked lady next door. And I am SO done with unpaid internships, having advanced to the prestigious position of Temp. To be followed by Assistant in coming months. But the ebbs and flows of my professional life are another matter altogether.

Also, you will not find this writer embracing bad grammar of any sort. While word fabrication is a delightful pastime that I share with JTS (Joe The Scholar, a mildly successful reference to Joe the Plumber in the 2008 U.S. presidential campaign that has stuck as a nickname for Joe, the scholar), I have a natural inclination towards proper grammar. Call it a mental condition or a result of my linguistic abilities and cultured upbringing (has JTS informed you of the drinking game that bears my name?), but spelling and grammatical rules shall be followed as much as appropriate in my entries.

Without further delay, I will heed the British cries blasting from my TV set as I watch Monty Python’s Flying Circus, “GET ON WITH IT!”

Item number 1: The Curious Coincidence of Nomenclature in a Species of North Carolina Pine and a Blog-Keeping Lawyer in a Comical U.S. Television Series.

While on vacation with my family last week near Atlantic Beach, North Carolina, my parents, nineteen-year-old sister and I took a trip to the North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores. It was pretty cool, but eventually the shrieking, sniffling kids (there are ALWAYS kids on field trips at aquariums) and their tired, screaming schoolteachers were more than we could bear, so we stepped out to the adjoining “marsh walk” and nature hike. It was on this nature hike that I saw a sign that identified one of the trees as a “Loblolly Pine” (See Figure 1). This immediately brought to mind Bob Loblaw and his Law Blog. Bob Loblaw is a lawyer for the Bluth family in Arrested Development (if you are not familiar with this hilarious show, dear reader, you must order it through NetFlix or your preferred DVD venue ASAP [As Soon As Possible, for our international readers]).

Item Number 2: Who Is John Galt and Why is He in Beaufort?

While taking a walk with the family on the nearby Beaufort waterfront (also in NC), I happened to spot a yacht bearing the name John Galt. How fitting, I thought. It certainly looked like a well-cared for boat, bought with hard-earned money. When we passed it again, I saw an older gentleman–presumably retired after an honest, capitalistic career–on board cleaning it, and I almost shouted my support, but I couldn’t think of a generation-neutral phrase before we were past it (“Sweet boat, dude. I frickin’ love that book!”). But I did get a picture of it on my way past (See Figure 2).

And now to get some dinner… Hasta luego!


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