Obligatory Counter-post

27 May

Intern Derrick forgot to fill you in on a few things that we here at The Constitutional Pheasant like, and in doing so, undoubtedly led to mass and hysterical confusion.

List of Things We Like*

  • Monty Python
  • Arrested Development
  • Atlas Shrugged
  • Norah Jones
  • Español
  • Anthony’s coffee to-go

As this blog matures, you will learn more about us and our whims. In the meantime, enjoy one of my favorite viral videos that never really viralized enough to get popular. Sort of like that bad bout of bronchitis you had over winter break while studying krill mating habits in Antarctica. It never really punished the native population like it punished you…

*We here at Constitutional Pheasant reserve the right to amend or reorganize this list at any time. On occasion we prefer the organizational aesthetics of bullet points over dash marks.


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