Nataly Dawn and Pomplamoose

16 Oct

When we talked about Sufjan Stevens a few months ago, perhaps you gathered a sense of our collective taste in music here at tCP (acronyms make everything cooler). Undoubtedly, you gathered that Intern Derrick and I have fantastic, unassailable taste in music. You gathered that our musical tastes are is eclectic, elitist, and simply better than yours. Don’t be ashamed. You aren’t the only imaginary person with inferior musical taste.

About a week ago, while prowling youtube, I came across a new artist and I thought, people should be aware of this goodness. So I present, “A Happy Song”:

There is something so raw, unfurnished, and starkly beautiful in the lyrics and chords of this song. And sure, that is impressive, and well done on her part. I like it, and really, I think you should like it too.

Which led me to think about what might be done with this song, how the artist might transform it to something I could listen to on my Zune (no, I’m not an Apple/Ipod user like the rest of you; Itunes is one of the worst programs I have ever used; when you turn on Itunes, the rest of your computer stops working; don’t judge me; unnecessary semicolon). She would have to take a song, simple and austere, and flower it up with percussion, synthesizer, and maybe even a piano, plunking chords off in the background. Really, though, I don’t want that. I would just like to listen to it in this form, because that’s the way it was conceived and that is the way it was meant to be played.

High horse dismount.

Anyway, Nataly Dawn has a decent spread of good material on her youtube channel:

Also, Nataly Dawn and Jack Conte (another great musician) have joined forces to form Pomplamoose. A few of their better videos are below. Enjoy!

“Mrs. Robinson”

“My Favorite Things”

“Beat the Horse”


One Response to “Nataly Dawn and Pomplamoose”

  1. derrickvanleer 10.16.09 at 5:01 pm #

    Way to go, Joe! Awesome songs… Definitely in line with our superior music taste. I put my international seal of approval on this post. And I like that “raw” song just the way it is, so simple and passionate… We need to propagate our taste and get a following for that girl.

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