The Entrevista

6 Jan

After over two weeks of anxious waiting, I finally had my interview for the position of International Junior Graphic Designer yesterday. Thanks to GPS, I had no problem finding the company, and everyone but the plump, grumpy lady who greeted me at the door—likely a receptionist who had not yet finished her second cup of coffee –was very friendly. The interview was a grueling three-part challenge, taking a little over two and a half hours.

Stage one was the language test. After a warm greeting by my interviewer, the Senior International Graphic Designer, a large Colombian man was brought in to rough me up a little. We conversed in Spanish awhile to confirm that I wasn’t just pulling a “Joe” on my resume (i.e. a BA in Spanish, an Excellence in Spanish award, an exaggerated trip to Spain, etc. but not prepared to or planning to ever actually use the language in a professional context). He seemed to be satisfied with my performance, and with an almost imperceptible wink to the Sr. Designer, he made his exit.

The next stage went equally well. It turned out that this was the first time my interviewer had conducted an interview alone (I’m not sure why she mentioned that to me, the interviewee… but kudos for honesty, I guess), so she didn’t waste time following the traditional interview format (What are your strengths, your weaknesses, your reasons for leaving your last job, your aspirations for the future? Where do you see yourself in five years, etc.). She just explained the position and went straight to finding out if I had the abilities for this specific job—can I use the appropriate software, can I handle deadlines and complete projects by myself without her having to hold my hand along the way? This is a new position at the company, which has been growing exponentially within the last few years and expanding into countries on every continent but Africa and Antarctica; they’ve recently had to split their Graphic Design Department into two separate departments, domestic and international, to deal with the amount of work to be done, and none of their current designers are bilingual.

Then came the dreaded Portfolio Review, where I got to go through examples of my graphic design from the past few years. To my relief, this also went splendidly. The Design Boss was very interested in the projects that I had done for local organizations, emerging small businesses, and class assignments, and she seemed impressed with the challenges that I had faced and overcome with each. She asked a few questions about some of it; then she opened the floor up to my questions for her; and then we were off for a tour of the facility before stopping by the HR office to pick up some flyers on the benefits provided for all employees at the company.

I went home feeling very positive about the whole experience, and I guess I’ll stop stalling and just go ahead and tell you… I GOT THE JOB! About two hours after the interview, I got a phone call from Human Resources offering me the job at a very nice salary and with full benefits. I was ecstatic! Finally I get to get paid for doing what I enjoy and have been trained to do! Finally I have an opportunity to make more than $8 an hour! Hallelujah!

So the rest of the afternoon was spent informing family members and friends, a task that I am still working on—you never realize how many good friends you have until you have life-altering news to tell them all! I’ll be sure to keep in touch as I continue preparations for BEING AN INTERNATIONAL GRAPHIC DESIGNER ON MONDAY AT 8AM!


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  1. miscellaneoussheepery 1.7.10 at 2:06 pm #

    Yay Derrick!! I’m so happy for you! =D

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