Update on Mr. Taylor

25 Feb

After a gracious random commenter left a note on CP regarding the life of Mr. Taylor after his expulsion from law school, I decided to do some follow up detective work. I want to note (for the sake of my own safety and sanctity of this blog), that any information I pass along is what I found in a simple google search. I’m not out to get anybody, I’m just interested in the various colorful characters that walk this earth beside me. Or in this case, not so much.

Mr. Taylor was convicted of malice murder and aggravated battery for the death of one Lamar Railey in 2005, only five years after being expelled from law school.

Railey was the owner of a wrecker service. On Feb. 13, 2004, Railey drove a wrecker to a gas station where he intended on purchasing diesel fuel. After fueling, Railey left for the business office of the station to complete the purchase. On the way, he was struck by a motor vehicle driven by Mr. Taylor. Taylor fled the scene in a green sedan, but a passerby witnessed the whole incident and followed him, calling the police and reporting the occurrence.

After the police caught up with Mr. Taylor, they found a manilla envelope in his car. Within this manilla envelope were various legal documents that related to a year-long legal dispute Mr. Taylor had with Mr. Railey. The court ruled that Mr. Taylor maliciously murdered Mr. Railey as a result of his unsuccessful attempts to compel Mr. Railey’s arrest.

So what is the moral of this story?

I don’t know, you figure it out.

One Response to “Update on Mr. Taylor”

  1. derrickvanleer 3.2.10 at 6:32 pm #

    Possible moral: Those mean old law school professors should think twice before conspiring to expel a peace-loving, law-abiding, A-for-effort minority student who just happens to get terrible grades at the graduate level. Such an individual, if feeling underappreciated, may go from lawyer wanna-be to take-the-law-into-my-own-hands thug over a period of approximately 5 years…

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