Purgatorial Reprieve

2 Feb

I would be remiss to allow this blog to turn into Intern Derrick’s personal fountain of international bloviation, so I’m going to try and make a comeback.

To keep the extensive imaginary readership (plus two others) updated, I’ll give a brief update on my life happenings. I’m in my second year of law school, my fourth semester of six. Law school is very very busy. I managed to earn a spot on Law Review, which mostly means that I spend several hours a week editing poorly-written manuscripts that are submitted by lazy lawyers (really a redundant expression). Otherwise, grades are good, classes are interesting, and every day poses a new set of challenges. I’m still working in a district attorney’s office, and I love the work.  I don’t know how much I contribute to the system, but I like to think that I at least help a little when it comes to putting bad people in jail. Boring paragraph.

Unlike Derrick, I do not have any such ambitions towards being a “World Vagabond Traveler Extraordinaire.” And it’s a good thing, because while most of our readers are out in the world, being adults, making money, I am stuck here in Georgian purgatory for another 1.5 years. Not only am I given little opportunity to travel, I have negative funds with which I might do so. **Incidentally, I don’t think the term “travel” should be used when it comes to Derrick, the word “frolic” is more appropriate.** It turns out that law school is not that glorious – damn you Legally Blonde!

**I did not, and never will, watch that movie. I don’t hate you if you did, but I do question some of your life decisions.**

I have some good ideas (read: mediocre ideas) for blog entries that I’ve been thinking of over the past few months. Hopefully I can get back into posting here.

As a closing note, it looks like Intern Derrick has redesigned the site. I don’t think it is a mistake that pink is the featured color.

One Response to “Purgatorial Reprieve”

  1. derrickvanleer at 6:25 pm #

    Dude, red is unmistakeably the “featured color” here; the pale red accents just enhance the redness of it all… Not that I’d expect you to understand, being that I’m the one being paid big bucks for selecting colors on a day to day basis and you’re poor 😉

    Anyway, kudos on getting on the Law Review, sounds like a great opportunity!

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