Greetings from the New Kingdom of Derrick

19 Aug

By popular demand, I have returned to my role as lead blogger at Constitutional Pheasant, if only for a somewhat brief entry tonight. I need to post some more travel entries at some point from the Brazil trip where I left off–I have a little notebook with details jotted down for a play-by-play account–but tonight just wanted to give everyone a quick update on my current status.
As I think I mentioned in a previous entry, since January I had been living in a very cozy little apartment in downtown C-ville, with updated appliances and a real sense of style–just minutes from fro-yo and the downtown music scene. The lease ended this past Tuesday, and through a sudden and fortuitous sequence of events, I’m now (almost) moved into a much bigger, cheaper apartment in a quieter neighborhood, with upstairs-neighbors that I know from church. It’s altogether a wonderful situation–except for the part about getting the previous tenant out.
This guy sounds like a real piece of work. The reason the apartment was becoming available in the first place was that the landlady wanted to get rid of this guy for being a heavy smoker, which was in violation of their contract and about which she had repeatedly talked to him. My friends, who live directly above, were very unhappy about the smoke that was rising to them in the evenings, and on a few of my visits the smoke was just plain unbearable for anyone with a desire to breathe.
Anyway, from the bits and pieces I’m gathering from neighbors and the landlady, this guy is an older, single gentlemen described by those in the neighborhood as “a real character” and “very sketchy”; a guy who drank and smoked instead of taking care of the lawn that he was charged with by the landlady, and who, by the looks of things, never cleaned anything inside or out of the residence. Seems like the landlady should have had no problem breaking the news to him and requesting that he leave–but she didn’t want to upset him, so she told him that her sister was coming in from Taiwan soon to stay in the apartment and so she would be greatly pleased if he could please move out as soon as possible. Which he did within that same week–except for the contents of his kitchen and living room, which he’s always telling her he’ll pick up “tomorrow, at the very latest”. This puts me in the uncomfortable situation of having to constantly be prepared play the role of the hired painter/furniture mover (at the landlady’s request), who just happens to spend nights and cook meals here, since I’m nobody’s sister and I don’t look remotely Asian.

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