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5 Feb

Today is Friday. Our Constitutional law class was canceled today. So I went to the gym instead. I figured it was appropriate, since by going to the gym I was exercising my Second Amendment right to bear arms. And when I say arms, I mean guns. I’ve got them. Cannons, people.

Since this is Superbowl weekend, this post is going to be a football post. Not really, a recent survey of our readers (done in my imagination) determined that most of the readers of this blog do not really like sports. Furthermore, that survey also found that most of our readers don’t understand why restaurants always put two forks at the place setting (it was a thorough imaginative survey). And really, why the heck can’t I use the same fork for my salad and my steak. What person goes into a restaurant and says, “this place has only one fork for each place-setting, I can’t eat my salad now”? If that is you, you should die.

Back to football. Since our readers don’t like sports, I’m going to post a few classic commercials (those that I can remember) that aired during the Superbowl in the past. This is for all those people that say, “I only watch the Superbowl for the commercials”.

You disgust me.

But keep reading our blog please.

Herding Cats:

When I Grow Up:

Shankapotamus (this probably wasn’t a superbowl ad, but it is way too good to leave off the list):

Ameriquest Romantic Dinner:

Rock, Paper, Scissors:

And finally (update – vid fixed):

Yes, I went there.

Enjoy your weekend!