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So THAT’S why I’ve got this KFC thing going on…

25 Aug

So today I was at my desk in the CETPI (Center of Translation and English Pedagogy, en castellano [they don’t refer to their language as “español” here in Chile]: Centro de Traducción y Pedagogía en Inglés), planning topics for conversations with students while making “small talk” with the secretary across the room, when two 6th semester students came in to ask her some questions. One of them, Fabian, I had met before–he was in the group that I stayed out with “clubbing” until 4:30am last Friday–but the other was new to me, so we had to go through the whole “What is your name? Where are you from?” routine. As soon as I told this guy I was from the great state of Virginia, he cracked a smile and said “Ah, so THAT’S why you have that Kentucky Fried Chicken thing going on!”, drawing an imaginary goatee on his face. I’ve been trying to grow a beard over these past few weeks, since it seems to be the “in” thing for guys in their upper 20s/early 30s (which is what I’m going for, being a TA), but with only moderate success. The goatee is really the only part that’s thick enough and dark enough to show up… and I guess it someDerrick with goatteehow resembles Colonel Sanders’?

Well, even a native English speaker like myself has a hard time formulating a suitable comeback to something so out of “left field”, so I just chuckled, “Ha, yeah, well, Kentucky and Virginia are good neighbors.”