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Token Pythonage

2 Oct

Just to hold you over for the weekend. Because you are so dependent on frequent blog posts from this blog.

Godwin’s Law!

Quick link

15 Sep

I don’t believe in twitter, for the record.

But, this guy has a pretty funny thing going on. If you are less inclined to partake in entertainment forms dabbling in subversive or unceremonious language, you probably should just skip this one.

Ish my dad says

And just for continuity’s sake, my torts professor showed this in class yesterday when we were talking about Self-Defense. I thought it was apt:


31 Jul

First, I want to congratulate The Constitutional Pheasant for our biggest day of all time history existence, with twenty-one views yesterday. Now, if we can trick some other people into coming and scoffing at our shoddy work…

Don’t worry, soon there will be a link up where you can donate money to our site, since we are now so popular.

Seriously though, we’re poor.

Okay, on to the topic of today’s post. Last night, at an unknown point in time occurring between 10:00pm and 11:30pm, $50 was stolen from my wallet. Truly, this was an odd thing to have happen because I was home watching a baseball game and my wallet was in my room, sitting on my desk.

I will not speak of the person who stole the fifty dollar bill, but suffice it to say that this person was the boyfriend of a family member who was staying as a guest. Mistakenly, I decided that this individual was honest enough to avoid disrupting the integrity of my wallet and the contents contained therein.

Here’s the thing. It really isn’t about the $50, it’s about someone, staying at the luxury and request of my uncle, walking into my room and blatantly violating my trust and the trust of my family. Is $50 really worth that much to a person, that they would risk severely injuring their reputation among people who might be considered extended family?

So here’s the deal. Quit that mess. Earn your money, don’t steal it. The reality is that every day we are given things which we did not earn and every day things we have earned are taken away. I’m not so shortsighted as to think that I am more honest or integritous (look it up) than any other person, but I’d like to think that I wouldn’t steal money knowingly from a bystander/innocent/stranger/interloper/immigrant. And I certainly like to think that I wouldn’t steal money from a relative of my girlfriend, or anybody who even slightly resembles a family member or acquaintance.

This is all babble, but my question to you is this: can you think of a friend or family member whose trust and respect you would trade in for $50? And if you can’t think of one, does that mean you have too much money?

Anyway, this was all a guise for me to provide a little Monty Python clip for you, chosen appropriate to the post and today’s theme:

Also, the word purloin is awesome. That is all.

Obligatory Counter-post

27 May

Intern Derrick forgot to fill you in on a few things that we here at The Constitutional Pheasant like, and in doing so, undoubtedly led to mass and hysterical confusion.

List of Things We Like*

  • Monty Python
  • Arrested Development
  • Atlas Shrugged
  • Norah Jones
  • EspaƱol
  • Anthony’s coffee to-go

As this blog matures, you will learn more about us and our whims. In the meantime, enjoy one of my favorite viral videos that never really viralized enough to get popular. Sort of like that bad bout of bronchitis you had over winter break while studying krill mating habits in Antarctica. It never really punished the native population like it punished you…

*We here at Constitutional Pheasant reserve the right to amend or reorganize this list at any time. On occasion we prefer the organizational aesthetics of bullet points over dash marks.


18 May

Welcome to The Constitutional Pheasant. You are obviously lost.

My name is Joe, I will be the captain and commander of your blogger experience as long as you remain here . I will be assisted by my trusty assistant, Derrick. I think he is an unpaid intern or something.

I do very much realize that our reader-base is very much imaginary. For this reason, both Derrick and I will take it at our own liberty to use bad grammar frequently and make up 6% of the words that will appear on this glob. You are here on your own volition, don’t blame us.

(Please don’t leave).

Contentually, this blog will feature a gallimaufry of different uninteresting posts and, um, items. Both intern Derrick and I have a broad assortment of interests and opinions. Common content: youtube clips, soapbox time, and youtube clips. What will you get from The Constitutional Pheasant that you can’t get at another blog? We’ll count that one as rhetorical.

If you don’t understand the Constitutional Pheasant reference, then you probably shouldn’t be reading this blog.

In commemoration of this commemorable day, we give you our namesake and the symbolic forefather of all things great and sacred: Monty Pyhon and the Holy Grail’s Constitutional Peasants. Cheers!